immersion camp 2024

Live an unforgettable movement experience
and elevate your dance where you least expect it!

From July 29 to August 4, 2024

7 days like no others


From July 29 to August 4, 2024

For 7 days, you will be immersed with a group of participants for a crazy event: between intensive workshop and big moments of fun, we want to do everything so that this camp becomes part of your unforgettable memories. Whether you come from dance, parkour, martial arts, tricking, capoera, break, you are in the right place. Join us through the art of movement and let yourself be carried away in a unique experience signed Flèche 🏹

Program for a typical day

  • 7 am: Miracle morning (optional)
  • 7:30 am – 9 am: Breakfast
  • 9 am-12 pm: Workshop
  • 12 am – 2:30 pm: Lunch & free
  • 2:30 pm – 5 pm: Workshop
  • 5 pm – 8 pm: Dinner & free
  • 8 pm – 10 pm: Night session
Additional rest periods will be planned during the week


This camp will also allow you to better understand your body and discover the extent of its capabilities. A good athlete is an athlete who lasts, in harmony with his body.


We take care of everything!
Flèche has a cook in store for you who will prepare delicious dishes for you throughout the week. Vegan and vegetarian food possible depending on your diet.


Awareness sessions will be organized and focused on developing agility, strength and flexibility.
Stretching sessions will be planned every evening.

3x payment without fees possible!

Unique in Europe

The Flèche Immersion Camp is a unique retreat in Europe, based on multidisciplinary movement and specially designed for experienced dancers.

What to expect

7 high-flying speakers
7 different movement disciplines
7 days of exploration

A legendary line-up

Crazy speakers, for a new formula of 7 days of total immersion, to discover very quickly.

One mission

Our goal: the development of agility and versatility of dancers through new experiences, to bring them to a higher level in their art.

About past editions

Ce que disent les inscrits

More than dancing
Marina Gomes
Directrice de la Cie Hylel
More than retreats, it's about transformation
I can't wait the next one !
It's dope, really !
CFC de danse de Genève
Flèche, my men
Maxime Renaud
Free runner professionnel
It will last forever in my mind
I only did 2 days and it was already out of time
Manuel Tible
Dessinateur et danseur professionnel
I was struck by the power that emanates from the camp in terms of sharing and kindness.
Kevin Vigneux
Directeur du Circo Bello
I clearly exceeded my limits
They are shaking up the Swiss scene
DJ Lutz
3x payment without fees possible!

Come practice like never before


For this exceptional event, we have reserved a rate for the fastest among you.

7 days formula


4 days formula


About the interveners


🏹 Choreographer of @cie_kayamb

🏹 +25 years of professional career

🏹 Hip Hop / Kung Fu / Contemporary Dance

🏹 15 years of Yoga 🧘‍♀️

🏹 Definition of anchor


🏹 Member of @iotaspiritfam

🏹 Winners of numerous international battles

🏹 Hip Hop freestyle / Beatmaker / DJ

🏹 Professional Dancer Performer

🏹 Versatility and creativity 🖌


🏹 Pro stuntman

🏹 +10 years of Capoeira

🏹 Films: John Wick 4, Asterix and Obelix, Anna, Dogman, Bac Nord, Furies, Robber, Sentinel…

🏹 Fight choreographies

🏹 Work and precision ⚔️

claudio alessi

Claudio Alessi

Claudio Alessi is first and foremost a multiple martial arts champion and rare winner of one of the most extreme martial arts events in Japan.

Coach of the Swiss Kyokuschin Karate Organization, he coaches both prodigies for world titles and students with disabilities.

He is also the creator of the « art of free combat », an amalgamation of several martial arts and combat sports.

A passionate well of knowledge, whom you will have the great chance to meet at the Immersion camp, for a 3-hour workshop in the afternoon followed by an extraordinary evening


🏹 One of the best Bgirls in the world
🏹 Venezuela 🇻🇪
🏹 Top Rock / Musicality
🏹 Represents @Bounty Hunter / Ilegal Crew
🏹 Definition of flow 🌊


🪨 A powerful, sensitive and graceful force of nature, Maky brings that something extra to contemporary dance, drawing on her Kanak roots and always being 100% true.

Young director of the Kane dance company, Maky’s pieces never leave an audience regretting their evening.

Eternal child amazed by the world, everything around him feeds his imagination and allows him to be in constant creation

Meet him at the Immersion camp for a workshop in which he will have carte blanche 🏹


🏹 Internationally renowned Bboy
🏹 Deep research into the science of movement and the limits of the body
🏹 Dancer, beatmaker, musician
🏹Endless originality 🖌

about the organizers

Raphaël Berkane

Founder of the Flèche collective, Raphaël became passionate about versatility and exploration very early on. Entrepreneur, choreographer, teacher and complete dancer, today he links his dance with different movement disciplines through his Agility method, which he teaches internationally.
Also a participant, he will be there all week to learn with you and give you a workshop.

elias Ardoin

With more than 400 stages around the world to his credit, Elias is an established dancer whose experience and versatility bring enormous added value to Flèche.
He will also be there to have fun with you, and will take care of the evening program.

Jérémie Parent

Jérémie Parent

Trained by Karim Barouche and Bboy Bruce Wayne, Jérémie joined the international dance academy at the age of 20. Spotted by the artist Christine & the Queens, he participated in her world tour for 2 years.
Today, he choreographs for different artists and brands such as Louboutin and Just Dance. At the same time, he transmits his knowledge through his pedagogy.

Jade Bärtschi

Jade Bärtschi

Among the first participants of the Immersion camp, Jade embodies the rare combination of a gentle dance hiding a highly explosive energy.
Benefiting from intensive movement coaching with Raphaël, we are delighted to also train her as a trainee within the Flèche team


Ori took her first steps in dance at the age of 8.

Versatile thanks to a varied training including hip-hop, funk, house, street jazz, contemporary, floorwork and agility, it is in freestyle that she will find herself fully.

At the same time, as a social educator, she uses movement and body art for mediation and communication.

In 2021, she connected with the Flèche collective through workshops, camps and battles, then joined the team in 2023, contributing to the organization of events.

Frequently Asked Questions

ask us

Send us a link to a video where we see you moving (youtube, insta..) via e-mail on or by private message directly on our Instagram @fleche._

40 people are expected, all as determined as you!
Absolutely ok! Indicate this in your application form and our chef will be able to prepare dishes accordingly.
The immersion camp, the only one of its kind in Europe, will take place from July 29 to August 4, 2024, for 7 crazy days.
Yes, we use Klarna as a partner in addition to Stripe. It offers, depending on each individual’s case, up to payment in 4x. So you have the payment options in 1x, 3x or 4x which will be possible, depending on the parameters of our banking partners.
40 spots only